Sanctuary For Life
A Sanctuary for Rest, Rejuvenation and Renewal
Testimonials from Sanctuary Guests

It has been a real blessing to find Sanctuary For Life™ for our employees and me. In this hectic business world, we all need a place to de-stress and Sanctuary For Life™ has been our salvation. Ms. Sherri Reed has such a compassionate, servant’s heart and her Sanctuary is a place of solitude and rest. I would recommend Sherri and Sanctuary For Life™ very highly.
- Anne L. Holland, CEO, Mayco Petroleum, Inc., Georgetown, TX
Sanctuary For Life™ is an oasis of love that offers healers a safe haven for physical and personal renewal. Time away from the journey gives the healers a place to be healed and nurtured back to full energy. For Sherri it’s all about giving to those who give to the world. My time spent at Sanctuary For Life™ has given me more opportunity to see the wonderful ways the world shows up in the name of truth.
- Rev. Robert W. Mitchell, Global Heart, Dallas, TX
Thank you for your spirit filled Sanctuary For Life™. It is interesting, because so many rejuvenation centers boosting of helping the total man or woman are mostly physical and mechanical. A truly fantastic experience is to be treated with the total body, mind and spirit concept. It would be difficult to describe for each spiritual being is different and Sanctuary For Life™ addresses them. WOW! A life changing experience.
- Stephen Firley, Spiritual Facilitator, Dallas, TX
I was blessed by Sanctuary For Life™! I experienced such a place of spiritual quietness. I felt the stress and concerns of life which had built up over my family issues just melt away, as if, God Himself were pulling them away from me. Sanctuary For Life™ fosters your dreams in ways that truly blessed me and allowed me time to rest and start the healing process in absolute comfort. Sherri, May God bless you and your dreams for Sanctuary For Life™. I pray that it continues to help those who are going through life’s difficult times in such a way that they are reminded of God’s love and support through Sanctuary For Life™.
- Leon F. McCaskill, CEO Infinet, Inc., Dallas, TX
I have known Sherri Reed for over 10 years and, in that time, I have never met anyone more dedicated to a cause, to creating the reality of Sanctuary For Life™. She eats, lives and breathes her vision. She champions her concept, sharing it with everyone she comes in contact with. She serves humanity, often one suffering, burned out caregiver and wounded warrior at a time. She brings solace, comfort, and HOPE to those in need. She does not discriminate. She is an amazing human being, devoted to her cause and is deserving of help and support.
- Elizabeth Johnson, Broadcaster, Communicator, Voice Talent and Audio Producer, Hollywood, FL
I met Sherri Reed in the early 1990’s. What stands out about Sherri is her kind, compassionate nature, second only to her natural beauty. I admired her immediately. She shared her Sanctuary vision the first day we met. My husband and I have watched her persist with this dream through the years, never to her own personal benefit, but always compelled by serving others. She is among the best-organized people I know. I believe that is one reason that she has been able to stretch resources for decades. She lives simply. One of her great talents is creating calm elegance, which embodies her Sanctuaries. Her serene space contributes to relaxation and healing for both healers and Sanctuary beneficiaries. That lovely environment is created on a shoestring, another testament to Sherri’s immense talents. Being Sherri’s friend is an honor.
- Linda Caswell, Meditation Instructor, Author and Speaker, Dallas, TX
Sherri Reed is a seasoned soul with character traits that have come from being so evolved. An intricate blend of brilliance, enormous inner power, intuition, kindness, generosity, fairness, loyalty, trustworthiness, and patience. She is also a nurturer, good natured and has a steady, cheerful disposition. She believes that true happiness and wealth comes from within. Miracles and people gravitate towards Sherri. She is truly graced by God. There is selflessness in almost everything she does. She is a giver; not a taker. I am awed by her compassion and the way she genuinely cares about others. She is femininity and strength and with an innate gift for bringing out the beauty in other people. In all honesty and gratitude, I can say that Sherri Reed, in the thirty five years I have known her, she has always been there for me through thick and thin. I thank God for Sherri.
- Jean Ann Ross Smith, Novelist and Screenwriter, Dallas, TX
I have known Sherri Reed for approximately 15 years. Her dedication to making Sanctuary For Life™ a long-lasting reality has been incredible to see. She has never wavered from her mission, despite encountering many obstacles over the course of time. Should you consider donating to her cause, I believe your funds will be used towards her mission and treated with the respect you would desire. My role with Sanctuary For Life™ has been advisory in nature and my business career has been built within the staffing industry over many years.
- Brad Stevens, President and CEO, Level-C Solutions, Coppell, TX
Thank you so much for an amazing experience at Sanctuary For Life™. The peace and calm atmosphere you create is greatly appreciated. Your attention to detail is wonderful, from the comfort you promote to every meal you prepare. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
- Dr. Paul Hubbert, Austin, TX
Sherri Reed deserves total support for what she has been doing for years through Sanctuary For Life™. She has dedicated her life to “healing the healers.” She offers her care and services to those who are in need. She has been at the death-bed of several people as they make their transition. I am happy to say that I have known Sherri for 10 years now. She is totally committed to serving.
- Dariah Morgan, PhD., Educator and Inspirational Speaker, Rockwall, TX
Sherri Reed is a truly remarkable woman whose main calling in life is to care for others. She has established a nonprofit organization called Sanctuary For Life™, which offers respite for both caregivers and those in need of care. I have known Sherri for over a dozen years and witnessed her tireless efforts to support everyone who crosses her path and also to keep Sanctuary For Life™ open and accessible to those in need. And, in addition, I have always known her to be honest, professional, responsible and responsive in every interaction that I have had with her or witnessed.
- Eileen McKee, General Manager, Voices of Change New Music Ensemble, Dallas, TX
I have known Sherri for over 45 years. She is truly a unique individual. Her compassion for those in need is remarkable, especially for exhausted caregivers. There are many roads she could have taken through the years that would have made her life easier and more enjoyable but her mission took precedence. She has persevered when others would have given up and I have every confidence that Sherri Reed will see her perseverance rewarded in the near future.
- Robert DeSantis, President, Transactional Media, Maddock & Co., Santa Monica, CA
Sherri Reed is the most dedicated person I have ever known. As her biographer, I know how many times she could have abandoned her mission for great material benefit and she did not. Through the years, she never wavered in her conviction that her mission was given to her by a higher power and her destiny is to fulfill it. Through many challenges and temptations, she has pursued that mission. She has had both triumphs and challenges, operating Sanctuary For Life™ Centers that served many deserving caregivers, dealing with setbacks and persevering in her dedication to her mission. She sincerely and authentically cares for those who generously give of themselves to those in need. She has my unlimited respect and admiration.
- Jim Sturdivant, Writer, Carrollton, TX
I have had the opportunity to observe Sherri Reed’s unwavering commitment to Sanctuary For Life™. She has poured her heart and soul into operating a refuge for souls in need. I have been blessed to experience the care she gives to those of us in need and have been witness to her always kind and compassionate manner. Sanctuary For Life™ is a blessing to all who have experienced its refuge.
- Christine McGuire, The McGuire Law Firm, PC, Dallas, TX