Sanctuary For Life
A Sanctuary for Rest, Reflection and Rejuvenation
Caring for Caregivers

Sanctuary For Life delivers transformative personal services to exhausted caregivers in need of stress relief and recovery.

The AARP reports that the 24-7 stress of caregiving places caregivers at risk for heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, depression and other diseases brought on by stress. The stress of caregiving is so demanding all too often caregivers die before the ones they care for do. This is especially tragic in regard to the caregivers of wounded military veterans; just envisioning how life will be for the rest of their lives can cause tremendous stress. If that stress continues for long enough, the damage it can do – both physically and emotionally – can be irreversible.

Sanctuary For Life supports, nurtures and revitalizes exhausted caregivers through a unique, totally immersive approach to stress relief in which every aspect of the visual, aural, tactile and aromatic environment – from soothing colors to brain-stimulating aromas, flowing water and soft music, to pastoral artwork and living plants – is designed to produce and enhance human autonomic relaxation responses.

In this environment, therapeutic services available to Sanctuary guests such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture are exceptionally effective. As the caregiver’s body relaxes and rejuvenates, so does their mind. With the addition of personalized gourmet meals, luxuriously tranquil accommodations and easy access to peaceful natural settings, a perfect atmosphere is created for rest, reflection and renewal. Stress is relieved and caregivers return to their lives refreshed and rejuvenated.