Sanctuary For Life Founder and CEO - Sherri Reed 

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A visionary and woman's advocate who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of a care-giving mission given to her in the white light of a near death experience at the age of 17. Her mission was clearly articulated; she was to establish Sanctuary For Life, build a series of Sanctuary Epiphany Centers and teach others how to create Sanctuary in their own lives wherever they are.

Since that time, Sherri has been actively bringing Sanctuary into the lives of others by providing inspiration, rest and rejuvenation to spiritual leaders, healers, caregivers and those who give generously to others. Sherri has been featured in two books, Unstoppable Woman: Stories of American Character and Glimpses into Unseen Realms, both discussing her near-death experience and traveling to the white light. She has just finished her own book, Sanctuary From Stress, a step-by-step guide to creating Sanctuary wherever you are.

In addition, Sherri is the proprietor of Sanctuary Signature Services, a Sanctuary space design and furnishings company that enables organizations and individuals to create Sanctuaries in their own environments.

Sherri is also an inspirational public speaker, having made presentations on such topics as:
  • Who Cares For the Caregiver?
  • Corporate Speech: Creating Sanctuary From Stress
  • No More Dress Rehearsals: Discovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self

  • Sanctuary For Life Chief Operating Officer – Judith Trimble, CPM


    Operations and Project Management Professional recognized for successfully managing complex, technical and non-technical business units. The holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Rice University and Master’s Certification in Project Management from George Washington University, Judith’s experience includes positions as:

    Program Manager, then Program Director for SABRE, Inc., the leading provider of technology, distribution, and marketing services for the travel industry

    Senior Program Manager for imc2, the largest Web-design Company in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area

    Director of Operations for e-Miles, an innovative on-line publisher of targeted audience marketing and advertising

    Before joining Sanctuary For Life, Judith operated her own project and program management consulting company in Dallas, Texas, where she provided business operations and project management, program scheduling, office software technology, technical writing and editing expertise to a variety of clientele.

    Judith also has experience in the non-profit world as an avid volunteer for Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center, a neighborhood cultural center in Dallas, Texas operating a theater, gallery and museum; where she has served as Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Board Member.