About Us

Sanctuary For Life
A Sanctuary for Rest, Rejuvenation and Renewal
Giving Back to Those Who Give

Sanctuary For Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in 2001 for educational, scientific and charitable purposes.

Our Mission is to help caregivers in need of stress reduction and recovery by providing a Sanctuary in which they can find inner peace, emotional balance and spiritual renewal, and teaching them how to create Sanctuary wherever they are.

Our Strategy is to immerse each Sanctuary Guest so completely in peace, tranquility and therapeutic personal services that the total effect is nothing short of transformative. The therapies incorporated into each of our programs have been selected for their demonstrated ability to produce positive results and are administered by fully certified therapists. The meticulous personal service provided to the guests of Sanctuary For Life is life changing in itself. Each guest’s individual tastes and preferences are known and treated as essentials. These programs are unique to Sanctuary For Life and not like the services offered by spas or retreat centers.