Sanctuary For Life
A Place for Rest, Reflection & Rejuvenation

Sanctuary For Life Passport of Permission™
More often than not, the key to stress reduction is a person’s ability to simply give themselves permission to feel good and spiritually alive. Sanctuary For Life’s printed Passport of Permission™ acts as a tangible talisman that our guests use to psychologically bypass their own natural resistance to change.

Military Veteran Caregiver Program
In synch with our nation's outpouring of gratitude for the sacrifices made by our military veterans, Sanctuary For Life recognizes that for almost every disabled veteran, there is a caregiver whose life has also been dramatically altered. We are aware that providing care for a physically and/or mentally challenged veteran can produce a level of stress that can be tragically debilitating. To help these heroic caregivers avoid that outcome, we reach out to the caregivers of wounded military veterans with programs and treatment modalities designed to reduce stress and restore vitality.

Stress Reduction Program
These programs address the debilitating effects of stress through serene environments, color and aroma therapies, massage, professional counseling and other modalities that lower our guests’ stress levels and teach them how to reduce stress in their everyday lives.

Corporate Executive Rejuvenation Program
This program uses nutritional education and stress reduction technologies to bring balance back into the lives of mentally and emotionally exhausted executives. This is not a pro-bono program.

Healthy Eating Educational Program
Here, we teach caregivers how to nourish themselves and their loved ones in ways that support good health and maintain lower levels of stress.